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Dad has told me that I will have a very busy life from this day forward.  With that said, we have decided to divide the "My Life" part of my website into different pages, with this page being "August 2000".
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Fred and Aunt Sue

Well, I see you made it this far.  I am glad that you decided to come along for a the ride.  This is where you get to meet the real "Fred the Weimaraner". 

Well, as you can imagine, I was in total amazement with my new surroundings in Apple Valley.  This was definitely not the whelping box back in good old Slayton, MN that I had grown so accustomed.  Dad quickly re-assured me that I would be just fine.  I moved to Apple Valley, MN on Friday, August 5, 2000.  The next morning Aunt Sue came over for a visit with presents!!!!  She told me that Booker and I could meet another day, as she wanted me all to herself. As you can tell, I love the attention.

Gee this carpet smells good !!

I got so tired my first day that I decided to take a nap.  Dad, Uncle Ron, and Aunt Sue think this was the silliest position for me to take a nap. But, all that matters, I was comfortable.  I could barely keep my eyes open after I woke up from my long nap.  I think I am going to like it here in Apple Valley.

A tired puppy



Fred in his new crate

This is a picture of me in me new crate.  In case you are wondering, that is my new stuffed monkey sitting next to me.  I like to chew on him!  Dad tells me that Grampy likes monkeys as well.  Grammy and Grampy will be visiting in October from Massachusetts.  They sent me a very nice welcome home card in the mail.   Maybe Grampy and I can trade monkey stories when they visit.

April 2001 Monkey Update:  I have successfully destroyed my monkey!!   There is nothing left to this poor little creature.  Dad had to take him away from me.  I was told that my monkey had gone to monkey heaven.

Fred meets Duncan

Hope and Jess live around the corner and also have a puppy.  His name is Duncan and he is a Westie.  He is 5 weeks older than me, but I am bigger.  As you can see in the picture below, I was not quite sure what to say to him the first time we met.  Dad had to reassure me, once again.  Booker was also at our little play group.   Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of the two of us together.  I will be sure to get one real soon.  As you can see in the next picture below, I was DOG TIRED after my first play group!

Play groups are so exhausting !!



My first attempt at
going down the stairs

This is a picture of me attempting to go down the stairs for the very first time.  As you can see, Daddy is coaching me the entire way down.  After I saw this picture, I realized how silly I looked going down the stairs.  You should see how fast I fly down these stairs now, it is like an indoor slide!! Dad and Uncle Ron bought a fancy gate to keep me to from going up and down the stairs all the time.

Comfy on the couch with Dad

After I got downstairs I was amazed to see a nice big comfy den. When I am not running circles around this room, you can see me relaxing on the couch with Dad.

I am not allowed to go into this den that much any more.  Dad tells me that I am a CRAZY PUPPY downstairs in the den.


Fred on the front porch

This is a picture of me on the front porch.  I thought I was really big, till I stood next to this plant.  I look so small standing next to it.  I have to remember that I was only eight weeks old in this picture.

Running in East Park

Dad and Uncle Ron take me to East Park in Apple Valley all of the time.  I like going there to run and play fetch.  I am so glad that this park is so close to my house.  Dad thinks my ears look funny when I run.  I think they look cute, just like me.

A coy puppy

I dare you to take my bone

Here is a nice picture of me relaxing on the sofa and another one of me on the sofa with a bone.
Dad likes this picture of me with my new bone.
He thinks I have a "Go ahead, I dare you to try and take this bone away from me" kind of look.


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